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Depocas dit Joanis Genealogy

Welcome to our family history web site. Here you will find information on descendants of Jean Depocas dit Joanis and Marie-Louise Paquet. These include most of the Depocas, Joanis, Joannis, Joanisse, Joannisse, Jaunese, and some Janisse and Johanis in North America.

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On June 2, 1738, Jean Depocas dit Joanis marries Marie-Louise Paquet in Quebec City. From this union thousands of descendants will be born. This site is dedicated to the exploration of our family and its history.

What you'll find on this site:

The Family Project

Need to find out more about what this site and the work behind it are all about? This is the place to go! This is also where you'll find out how to participate in the project and how you can contact me.

Our First North American Ancestors

Find out more about Jean Depocas dit Joanis, his wife Marie-Louise Paquet, and their many children.

The Family Tree on the Web

The heart of this site - here you will find all the descendants of Jean Depoca and Marie Louise Paquet that we have identified to date in an interactive, navigable family tree. Over 5500 people are indexed. Come discover your ancestors and your cousins!

Other Family Stuff

"The rest". Here you'll find pictures, obituaries, a birthday calendar, and more.

Denis R. Joanisse, your host, 2001


Edmond Joseph Joanisse & Thérèse Léveillé, my grandparents, 1942 (click for a larger image)

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