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A collection of interesting items that add a bit of color to our family history

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Birthday Calendar

A Legacy of Place Names

*coming soon*

Photo Albums
*coming soon*

Do you know...?
*coming soon*

What's here

Birthday Calendar
Just like it says! Organised by month, a great way to find out whose birthday is next.

A Legacy of Place Names
Streets, lakes, streams and such that bear our family name.

Obituaries - Coming soon!
I've amassed quite a few obituaries over the years. Visit this section to see them. "Fun" in the interesting sense of the word.

Photo Albums - Coming soon!
A few pictures of various members of the family. Always fun to look at!

Do you know...? - Coming soon!
Help me solve these family mysteries.

Do you have neat stuff you'd like to appear on this page? Please contact me

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