Participating in the Project

How to contact me to submit or get information on the family

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Your participation is essential to make the project as complete as possible! If you have information that I don't, or if you want to send corrections or comments, this is how to do it.


The Family History Project

Submitting information

The Family Dictionary

Where to reach me

I can be reached by email, mail, or by phone:

Denis R. Joanisse
926 du Viaduc
Sainte-Foy, Québec, Canada
G1X 3E7

(418) 653-9906

If you're interested in my professional work you can find my work web page here.

What information should you send?

If you decide to send information for the project, here's some basic information for each individual that makes a good record:

  • date and place of birth
  • date and place of baptism (christening)
  • date and place of marriage
  • full name of spouse (including maiden name)
  • date and place of death
  • date and place of burial

Of course if you don't have all this information you should still send what you do have.

Other information

Although the above makes up a good basic record for an individual, I also maintain an archive of family-related documents. These may be used later for other family-related publications, and serve as proof for various data. If you can supply photocopies of old birth certificates, copies of pictures, newspaper clippings (obituaries, etc...), or other family records, I will gladly accept them. Please never send original documents, as they can get lost en route.

Private information

In some cases people do not want some information to appear on the web page or in the family dictionary. I will respect these wishes. Just let me know what you would like to keep private.

If you would like participate in the family history project, or to provide information on your family, please contact me

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