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The Family Dictionary

What is the family dictionary?

The family dictionary is a work in progress. The first edition will hopefully be available soon.

A preview version of a section of the dictionary is available below. This preview contains the listing of all descendants that I'd been able to directly link to our first North American ancestor as of June 2001. Many new individuals have been added since, and can be found in the family tree on the web.

What is not in this preview but will be in the final document:

  • Those branches of the family that I have not been able to directly link to the main trunk of the family tree. These are available in The Web Tree
  • A historical section on our first ancestors. This section will contain copies of registers, maps, and other information giving some details on the life of our ancestors.

How much will the dictionary cost? Will I be able to download it?
For those who wish to obtain a paper copy of the dictionary when it becomes available, there will a small cost. This cost will cover the price of paper, copying, binding, and shipping, and will be dependent on the final size of the document. I will not make a profit from this. (Like I've always said, I'm doing this because I enjoy it, not to make money)

For those who would like to print it out themselves, I plan on making the whole document available as a free, downloadable pdf file.

What I would like from you

Remember that I can only include the information I have in the book when the time comes to actually publish it. Please send me up-to-date information, corrections and additions to dictionary as soon as possible. Visit this page to find out how to reach me.

Your comments on the document
In addition to providing data for the genealogical dictionary, I welcome your comments and constructive criticism. Let me know what you think!

The future

Future editions
When ready, the dictionary will be a first edition. I plan to continue gathering information on our family after it is published. My objective is to publish new versions at intervals justified by the quantity of new information available. The second edition could appear in 3 to 5 years, since I expect a rather large response to the first.

The web page
The web site will continue to operate after the publication of the dictionary. Regular updates will continue (they occur every 2 months or so now) and the site will continue to serve as a place where internet users can discover the family project.

Get a copy

You can get a copy of a preliminary version of the dictionnary be emailing me. Although the information in this file is not as up-to-date as that found in the web tree (it's from June 2001), this file will allow you to appreciate what could be the appearance of the final product.

If you would like participate in the family history project, or to provide information on your family, please contact me

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