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The Family History Project - Introduction

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The Family History Project

Submitting and Getting Information

The Family Dictionary

About the project

The project blossomed from research into my own family history. It quickly became a much broader study of the Depocas dit Joanis family. Today, hundreds of cousins have contributed to the database I maintain. Note that this is not a commercial or for profit venture - this work is done entirely out of interest.

The goals of the project are:

  • To explore the family history of the Depocas dit Joanis family
  • To assemble information on all the descendants of Jean Depocas and Marie-Louise Paquet
  • To make available to all the information gathered

Exploring our family history

When I say "our" family history, who do I mean? Practically all Depocas, Joanis, Joannis, Joanisse, Joannisse, Jaunese, and some Janisse and Johanis in North America descend from Jean Depocas and Marie-Louise Paquet.

Using many sources, information on family members both old and new is gathered. This information is used to create a picture of who we are, and where we come from. This picture takes shape in the family tree on the web, as well as an upcoming hardcopy version of our family dictionnary.

Publishing the information

Perhaps the most important facet of this project is to make available all information gathered to all family members. This is done by:

The web page and the coming dictionary are meant to introduce our family history, focusing in this respect on the first families in North America. Information on more recent family members is more cursory, focusing on basic vital data and family links. As such, it is meant to serve as a tool for discovering our history, and serves as an excellent starting point for more in-depth research on any specific branch of the family.

Participating in the project

This project belongs to all our family members. The information you contribute is the key to making it a success. I invite you to get in touch with me.

If you would like participate in the family history project, or to provide information on your family, please contact me

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